Serenity Through Meditation


Meditations are nothing more than allowing the mind to relax and find peace and serenity. Meditation allows us to take the hundreds of thoughts that run through our mind and reduce them down a little bit so we can relax.

I have discovered a number of different types of meditation useful and have written and narrate them. I have a suggestion that you only listen to one of these meditations in one sitting.

The first is a physical relaxation of the body. The meditation, Body Scan starts relaxing the body at the top of the head and works down to the toes, relaxing various parts as you listen.

The second is a visual journey, where I take the listener on an imaginary trip whether it is a walk on the beach (Beach Imagery), a walk in the woods (Walk in the Woods) or sitting on a lake at night (Evening on the Lake). It’s nice to escape, even for just a few minutes in a busy day.

The last one I find very beneficial is one where the listener is taken into an inner reflection journey. While I can only post one of these meditations on this page, the CD, Guided Mediations by Doug Petersen has all the meditations. The one that is on this page is called, Loving Kindness.

I hope you take time away from your busy day and listen, escape, relax and find peace and serenity. If you would like to purchase the CD, please contact me directly.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page. You inspire me.

Listen Here

Body Scan Meditation

Beach Imagery Meditation

Walk in the Woods Meditation

Loving Kindness Meditation

Evening on the Lake
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