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Why Doug?

Life’s challenges can be stressful, and the world continues to seek inspiration from any number of sources, and Doug is one of our thought leaders who people have come to appreciate. Doug is an author and inspirational thought leader who speak to groups about their individual core values. Not only does he have his six books; Doug has a series of guided meditations. He conducts workshops on your own values and discovering life's purpose. Showing how his life experiences and living his values are making a difference in the lives of others. As a result of his speaking and writing he shows others how they are doing the same. Through Doug’s work as an author, workshop facilitator, speaker, one-on-one consulting, and his impact in social media, he has helped thousands of people through his inspirational messages and programs. 


The Vietnam War Through The Eyes Of Dustoff 34 – This 45-minute PowerPoint presentation and Q&A gives a personal account of my experiences while serving as a medical evacuation pilot in South Vietnam. While evacuating American soldiers and service members of our Allies, I was shot down twice. This gives one person’s perspective of an unpopular war.

The CRISTAL Journey – This is 45-minute presentation focusing on core values of life. (The presentation can be shortened to 30 minutes.) The core values of Courage, Respect, Integrity, Service, Truthfulness, Authenticity, and Love are the focal points. These core values are impacting the lives we touch each day.

Relieve Stress - Relax, be centered, find serenity, and learn the physical and medical advantages of meditation. Doug will guide you through various ways to meditate, concluding the session with one of his guided meditations.

Hole of Hopelessness – Have you ever felt hope has slipped away? Would you like to find hope again? Learn how to identify what brings you down into the Hole of Hopelessness, and discover the strategies for climbing out of that dark hole. There are solutions, and Doug will share the steps.

Defining Your Life's Purpose - Do you know why you are here on earth? What will be your legacy? This interactive workshop or one-on-one consulting will help you dig deep to reveal your life’s purpose.

Life's Balancing Act  - Where are you focusing your attention each day? Family? Work? Fun? Is your life fulfilled and balanced? So many people focus on the wrong aspects in what is important in their lives. This presentation/workshop will evaluate where you’re focusing your priorities in life, and come to a realization that a shift may be necessary. Life is too short not to be fulfilled, and balanced.

Peaks And Valleys In Life Each of us has our good days, and bad ones too. What are some of the challenges in life, and how do we overcome them? Through various phases in life, we all have experienced peaks and valleys along the way. Doug will help in finding the way out of the valley, and appreciate the peak even more.

Consulting (Coaching) Sessions Available One-on-one sessions are available on; Personal values, Life’s Purpose, or Self-Worth.    

You, and others can be inspired by booking Doug for your next organizational conference, luncheon or banquet, group meeting or staff in-service with one of his inspirational presentations.

To invite Doug to speak at your next event,
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