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I deeply admire Doug for his undying faith, courage, and the inner strength it has taken him to overcome his addiction. His inspiring words are not just words but deep truths he has learned to live each day fully and with joy. Thank you, Doug, for the wisdom and heart you share with each of us as we face our own obstacles. Your journey has made ours easier.

 - By Barbara A. Glanz
Speaker Hall of Fame and Author of "CARE Packages for the Workplace," "The Simple Truths of Appreciation," and "The Simple Truths of Service Inspired by Johnny the Bagger®"

You can tell that Doug has been to dark places in his life but chooses to live in a world of positivity and light. He talks about treating other human beings with respect and compassion and not judging others. These are important themes in our current world of fear and division.
 - By Jon Souza, Author of "My Name is David Cole."

"It’s a rare find to find and individual that speak to you when in front of a crowd. Douglas Petersen is that guy. His insight and storytelling ability is truly wonderful. His thoughts are sincere and will hit you in the heart with his story of triumph."
 - By Donnie Boivin

Doug's “Thoughts of the Day“ are a gift to the world. In the beginning of Doug's writing journey he was inspired to send a positive message to a small circle of colleagues and friends each day. I was fortunate enough to be one of those people. Doug writes seemingly without effort from his soul. The authenticity and richness of his messages streams from a wisdom culled from Doug's own human joys and trials. Many days I read Doug's message and feel it was just the right message for me that day. My day is changed and ultimately the world around me changes for the better too. How wonderful it is that Doug is offering a second volume of his “Thought of the Day” as a gift to the world.
 - By Julie Snyder, Leadership Beyond Limits, LLC

This book was a work of Love for Doug Petersen. Not only has he touched and changed so many of his friends and coworkers lives, he can now inspire others with this wonderful book. His writings are powerful, meaningful, and from the heart. His Thoughts of the Day challenge us, make us think, and inspire us to be the very best we can be to ourselves as well as to others. This book is so helpful and inspirational; it's truly a gift of Love. I recommend anyone who wants to be inspired to read this – the results are phenomenal.
 - By Mitzi Segura (Fort Worth, TX)

This book is really cool. I thought it might be the typical motivational book you might find in a bathroom, but it is not. I could have read through it very quickly, but I didn't feel compelled to do that. After reading the first page, I felt encouraged to look at everything in my life (present, past and future) as being half full instead of half empty. Here is the cool part; the author left pages blank for me to write thoughts. He challenged me to record my blessings, gratitude and purpose in black and white. It's a great way to turn positive thinking into action and encourages the reader to take inspiration to a higher level.
 - By Kimberly C. (Fort Worth, TX)
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